Peacock feathers wedding details

We’ve observed that more and more brides opt for peacock feathers as insertions in the décor of their weddings. We’re for this decision and we’re glad that we jump from faded colors to complex and complete schemes.

peacock feathers wedding details

But sometimes what’s too much it’s enough and the same brides that haven’t applied for a change risk getting in the same unpleasant point- a wedding with too many details, similar to the others and even tiring in the same time.

In order to help you, we’ve included a scheme of colors that exemplified for adding peacock feathers in the décor of the wedding and without loosing the sophisticated charm that you want to offer the event.

peacock feathers wedding details 2

The peacock feathers are the key point of your wedding, but these are not to be used in every aspect of the event. You don’t have to have feathers all over for being convinced that your guests are going to remark this detail.

Try to maintain things as simple as possible and apply for complementary outfits which evidence this detail. Opt for outfits in ivory tones and choose pearls in order to have a plus of elegance.

Apply for details of peacock exclusively for the bride and groom outfits, if you truly want that these evidence themselves and be remarked by the guests. For the maids of honor choose clothes in tones of brown or orange and offer them bouquets with a little insertion of peacock feather.

Try avoiding the temptation of applying for a peacock makeup! You know that makeup artists can create wonders with their hands, but in the wedding day you want to have a special elegance and not being part of a trend.

peacock feathers wedding details 3

Think that you’re going to leaf the album of your wedding over 20 years from now and we don’t believe that you would want to ask yourself where your mind was when you’ve chosen a peacock makeup.

The groom can wear a cockade made with a peacock feather on the entire duration of your wedding and if you want to have an ethno air, you can opt for a hat with peacock feather. You can carry an accessory in your head as well with a small peacock feather, symbol of your unique wedding.

For the decoration of the tables apply for some centerpieces made of flowers and fruits in which you can incorporate peacock feathers. Opt for small details in small dimension that are going to show that your wedding isn’t that tall.

If the highness of your rooms is significant, then apply for tall arrangements in which you can include peacock feathers.

This is the perfect scheme of colors for complementing the peacock feathers. Opt for seasonal flowers in warm tones that are going to confer a plus of elegance to the peacock feathers.

You can also decide over a completely white décor, in which the feathers are highlighted, but you can create also something more distanced through this selection.