Wedding table cards with the autumn theme

We know it`s a little bit early for talking about autumn, but as we mentioned before, you may have begun organising your wedding that takes place in autumn and for this fact you have here a topic regarding card tables that have as basic theme autumn!


The first hint is for some table cards that take the shape and color of pumpkins! It`s simple to have such wedding cards, you just need some orange cardboard some green and brown markers and you`re ready to start! Cut the cardboard in shape of pumpkins and leave some branches also like the “cork” you usually see at pumpkins. The next phase is to color those corks in green nuance and trace some lines on the cardboards similar to those lines seen on pumpkins! The final step is to write the name of the guest and you can place the table card in its place!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You can have leaves made from chocolate that take the role of card holders! Make sure the sweet objects look similarly to leaves and place a nice and white cardboard on which you place the names of the guests!

The next suggestion is a nice colored cardboard on which you stick another one in golden, orange and red nuance cardboard with some autumn themes and an interesting logo and the names of the guests under that motto! Place around the card a red ribbon that ends with a bow!


Another suggestion is to have a yellow card with a nice colored cover that resembles to the autumn period. On the upper side you can have two buttons and between them a golden medallion with some nice carvings on it!

Combining a nice candle with a plaange leaf can be a great idea as long as you place these two objects in a transparent plastic box! You can stick the leaf on a nicely colored cardboard on which you place the message and the names you want!

Having real pumpkins on the tables may sound a funny idea for some! Just think how many pies your guest can make from a king size pumpkin! Cut a small part from the pumpkin`s branch and place a card with the name of the guests! They`ll remain perplex seeing real pumpkins on your table!

If you want to be more practical you can adopt a cardboard card with some nice drawings on it and a nice cardboard leaf on one side! And there you go: you have a table card with the autumn theme!


The final idea regards some miniature chairs in brown nuance and made of wood! Place on them a nice card in brown and white nuances with the name of the guests and some acorns besides it and that`s it!