Top Trends to Consider for Your 2019 Wedding

If you dream of an Instagram-worthy wedding, the latest trends are where it’s at. Who better to share the upcoming trends of 2019 than top wedding professionals from all around the world? We’ve spoken to the best of them to find out what styles and details to look out for this year — read on for expert insight on how to make your wedding one to remember.

Guest experience as a #1 priority

These days, brides and grooms are planning their big day around their guests as opposed to the self-focused celebrations of years past. “Couples would rather put money into their guests’ comfort and experience rather than just the look of the wedding,” explains wedding designer Jes Gordon. “They want the event to evoke an emotional response rather than just a visual one. They want their guests to feel taken care of pre-wedding, during the event, and even post-event. This can be expressed through transportation, luxurious beauty and wellness treatments, personalized items that are practical, and personalized menu choices.”

A full lineup of entertainment

Simple playlists and a DJ friend aren’t going to cut it with millennial couples. “One of the top trends for wedding entertainment will be a wide variety of performers throughout the wedding,” share Jacob and Courtney Towe of DJ Jacob Co. “From roaming performers for cocktail hour, a string quartet, big band, or jazz group for dinner, moving into a high energy band to start off the dancing, and finishing with a DJ for your late night or after party!”

Thoughtful designs beyond Pinterest

More and more emphasis is being placed on one-of-a-kind details and unique experiences that have guests talking for years to come. “Couples don’t want to repeat what all their friends have done — all-white everything, overly rustic, and over-produced weddings aren’t resonating as much these days,” says Karen Gordon of Goodshuffle Pro. “Instead, pattern, texture, and rich but neutral leaning colors will be leading the way in 2019. Couples want approachable but impactful designs that make guests feel warm and welcomed, but will also make them pick up their phones and share their wedding-day experience on social media.”

Blooms with structure

Clean and refined are the words for 2019, especially when it comes to floral design. “The versatile wired bouquet is back,” assures Lisa Gatenby of French Flower Style. “This elegant design has been creeping in over the last few years and I think that it will become the favored bridal bouquet style of 2019. Wild and natural has been a popular look over the past few years, but I predict that 2019 will bring a tamer, more elegant take on this look, creating a more sophisticated style with less foliage. Wired designs come in many shapes and sizes, but I predict that teardrop and waterfall style bouquets will be the most sought after.”

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Kylie Carlson is the CEO of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With seven locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers and stylists.

Photo provided by En Route Photography.