Designing Your Wedding Album Online

You had the photography session capturing the magic of your special day and ended up with some stunning shots. Now you want to proudly display them. You know you want to invest in a professional wedding album, but you aren’t sure where to go from there. This is where designing your own wedding album comes in handy, allowing you more control over how you display your happily-ever-after shots in a way that does them justice and won’t go out of style.

First, as a precautionary note, if you will be giving out financial information online when you order your album, just make sure that the site you are going with is secure – the last thing you want to do is to attach a less-than-favorable experience with some of your happiest memories. You can easily use online website checker tools, like this tool, to see how secure a site is. These tools are designed for web owners to check the functionality of their sites over all, so there will be other site performance information available, but you can just focus on the security analysis for the site. Another way to see if a site is secure is to look at the URL. If there’s an https before the domain, as opposed to only http, this means that the site is secured through an SSL certification. Another simple method is merely to do a quick Google search of the company you are thinking of using with the word “security” to see if any security problems with that site have been posted. If all is good, then get started with your wedding album using these simple tools.

  • Blurb
    Choose between modern, chic layouts and then personalize the design from there. You can choose image quality and paper type to suite your budget. The interface is also incredibly easy to use with click, drag, and drop functionality, making the design work a breeze. Starting at $14.99, this is certainly at the forefront of the affordable spectrum.
  • Mix Book
    Also quite affordable, these modern photo books start around $15.99. The album layout designs are fully customizable, and they have many cover options for you to choose from as well. They are also a simple and quick fix, since you can upload photos from social media, as well as your computer.
  • Shutterfly
    Probably one of the more well-known photo book makers, Shutterfly allows you the freedom to custom design your wedding album – meaning you aren’t bound to a set template. Of course there are beautiful photo book templates available as well if you aren’t really sure where to start with your design. Photo books begin at around $24.99.
  • Artifact Uprising
    With soft cover photo books from $18.00 and hardcover from $69.00, these are within a mid-range budget. You also have the ability to play around with color, size, and personalize your photo book as you see fit.
  • Milk Books
    A little more on the expensive side, photo books from Milk Books start at $65.00 and go up from there, to about $300.00 or so. However, these gorgeous albums are made with high-quality paper and bindings. Certainly built to last, this type of wedding album is one that will last a lifetime.
  • Bride Box
    These gorgeous, professional wedding albums from Bride Box start at $99.00 and go up to almost $400.00. These include professional layouts and covers. Either complete your album with a photo cover, or have it finished as a bound album with a classy, premium leather cover. Bride Box knows that it’s not just about the photos, but about the quality of the album in which they are shown which make a truly spectacular wedding album absolutely timeless. And with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is a nice assurance factor here that you will indeed get your money’s worth.
  • Album Room
    At the expensive end of the spectrum, the exceptional quality albums from Album Room start at $745.00. However, the quality that you get is above and beyond. Not only can you choose through a range of contemporary designs, but you can also decide between sizes and textures. Some album designs accommodate over 100 photos, giving you more freedom with your photo choices.