Wedding Etiquette 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Guest

So two of your nearest and dearest have decided to tie the knot, and luck you, you’re on the guest list! As much as weddings are a time of celebration and memory making, they are also a milestone that needs to be treated with care and respect. There is a certain etiquette required, from when you receive the invitation until the end of the reception, that should be adhered to when respectfully enjoying one of your loved ones marrying their loved one. We’ve compiled the top Do’s and Don’ts for you to keep in mind next time you attend a wedding.

Before the wedding has even begun, it’s important that you reply to the invitation as soon as you can. Most invitations will have an RSVP date, and you need to treat this as gospel. A wedding is already a stressful time for the couple without a stream of late RSVPs!

2. Dress accordingly
Another common element of the invitation is a specified dress code. If it says black tie, that usually means formal, floor-length dresses and a suit and tie. If it’s cocktail dress, this bends the rules to allow shorter length dresses and sports jackets for men. Whatever the dress code, make sure you understand it fully before committing any faux pas on the big day.

3. Arrive on time
This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s of the utmost importance to arrive punctually, both at the ceremony and the reception. Weddings and their receptions are often a process, involving many phases. If you show up late you could postpone or interrupt the flow of proceedings.

4. Send a gift
Whether you’re going to be attending the wedding or not, it’s always good manners to send a gift. If the couple have a registry, it’s even better manners to purchase their gift from the registry.

1. Only bring a guest if you were specified you could
Invitations will almost always specify whether you can have a plus one attend alongside you to the wedding or the reception, or both. If you’re unsure, contact the bride or groom, or whoever is organising the wedding, in order to find out the accurate information.

2. Don’t be disrespectful to cultures or traditions
Often, weddings can be a beautiful fusion of cultures and beliefs, and sometimes you may see a tradition or ceremony you haven’t had the privilege of witnessing before. Even if new customs seem strange or funny to you, it’s important you treat the situation with the dignity and respect that it deserves. Be quiet and considerate addition to the day’s celebrations, and not the reverse.

3. Don’t use your phone
As tempting as it can be to check your phone during the ceremony or reception, try to refrain from doing it. Although we live in a perpetually logged on society, having your face glued to your phone can be seen as impolite. Ensure the bride and groom feel the respect you feel for them and their big day by keeping your phone on silent and in your pocket or bag. If you’re worried about taking photos with your phone, never fear. Thanks to the wide range of photographers and photo booth hire options on the gold coast, there are plenty of opportunities to take a few snaps with your favourites.

4. Don’t outshine the couple
This can be interpreted in a few ways. Of course, you don’t want to wear a white wedding gown to a wedding, so make sure you don’t outshine the bride by donning a more spectacular dress than her. As well as this, try to keep quiet and considerate during the ceremony and reception. Refrain from yelling out or drawing attention to yourself. And lastly, do not get too intoxicated. With free flowing alcohol often readily available at most weddings, it can be easy to lose track of how many drinks you’ve had. No one wants to be that person at the wedding!

A wedding is a big day for everyone involved. Often stressful, things can go wrong at the last minute or unplanned mistakes can pop up. Mostly, however, weddings are a gorgeous union of two people, that should be celebrated. In order to be a contributor to a successful and smoothly running wedding, ensure you stick to these handy Do’s and Don’ts.