Wedding decor tips for open air weddings

Our wedding décor tips are really useful in case you don’t know exactly for what to apply for in your wedding day and we think that you have all the reasons in this world to read our suggestions. Please keep in mind the things exposed here and we’re sure that you’re going to end up with a really successful and great looking wedding in which your guests will feel just fine.

We forgot to mention that all the things exposed here are for open air weddings, because these are so popular nowadays and it’s their period too.

wedding decor tips for open air weddings

In an open air wedding every now and then there must be a wedding arch. Ok, so if there’s a wedding arch you have to “fill” it in a way or another. And when we say filling it, we refer to conferring this arch a beautiful and great looking aspect. You can apply for adding flowers on its superior side or you can add here and there pieces of wavy fabric. This is indeed a great looking aspect that you confer to this arch. Adopt multicolored flowers, leaves and some other great looking plants and we’re sure that the effect is going to be scrumptious!
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Besides the arches we want to take into consideration some other aspects, aspects that refer to other flower arrangements that are placed in the spots where the reception takes place or the reception. You can use cylindrical wooden containers and fill them with great looking flowers that have different colors.

Also, besides this “vase” you can apply for another container that can be filled with fresh looking plants. This is a stunning effect and we’re sure that it’s great looking in the same time. Think of flowers that are variously colored and blend them with some other great looking plants in different shapes and formats. This is indeed a great looking aspect for your wedding décor and we’re sure that it seems really interesting in the same time.

wedding decor tips for open air weddings 2

The way in which the tables for the reception look is really important and you have to take into consideration that the details make it all. Think of some things that are out of the ordinary, things that you’ve never seen in another wedding ceremony or you wish to see them there. We recommend you a short table that has some neat looking chairs designed in a very minimalist manner.

wedding decor tips for open air weddings 3

These tables have great looking table covers and a colored side in the middle area of it. The flower arrangements are really neat, in this case there’s used a wooden bowl with white flowers and green leaves. Around this centerpiece there are used some other details with green plants, these small details are placed all around this arrangement. The glasses used have a minimalistic shape and format and look really great in combination with the other details.