Manufacturing colored wedding decorations

Tired of those dull decorations and want some color in your wedding accessories? It`s not a difficult thing to do, maybe in this way you`ll attract the warm season! So here are some suggestions of really colorful wedding accessories that can be handmade or bought!


The first hint is to take some colorful card boxes and fill them with bonbons or your favorite sweets. Make sure the box is covered and on the top of the box place some really nice flowers: daisies, forget me not or whatever you like the most! Place a ribbon around the box and end the ribbon with a bow! Make sure the outside of these boxes is pretty colored and buy some insects and animals of plastic, place them on the flowers: butterflies, bees or colibri!
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The next suggestion is so sweet and colored in the same time that it`s hard to refuse it! when you`ve decided on the model of cake and what colors to apply on it, make sure you have some testimonies that are a miniature variant of the cake! For instance if the cake is with white and green and it has flower motifs on it, make sure that you`ve done some biscuits in shape of a cake, decorated with white, green and rose motifs! You can do these testimonies of ginger bread too! And speaking of biscuits, you can have any kind of model on them if you don`t like the idea of miniature cakes! Just make sure it`s really colored and it is put in a plastic cover, it makes it look tempting to eat!


Remember those cardboard boxes that had fruit juice in them and you drank the interior with the help of a straw? You can have such a colored cardboard box, livel colored and with your names placed on it! Put it in a nice plate! Probably you`ve never heard of such an idea, so maybe you should apply for it, because it sounds unique!

Another option is to take a plastic basket or even a wooden one, make sure that the plastic basket is pretty colored and has nice motifs on it and the wooden basket must have a light nuance; fill them both with flowers or grass and place some plastic insects on one side of the basket( butterflies, bumble bees, bees etc)! This accessory can be used as a table card or as a testimony! It`s true that the flowers and grass fade really easily, but you`re going to remain with the basket that has the names placed on it and will be a good memory refarging the wedding!


With these colored accessories, you only need some patience and talent, because you can manufacture them with your own hands! If don`t feel like doing it, you can apply for ordering them already made, but make sure you underline what style you want them to be and what you really aspect!