Less money spent on decorations

The flowers and decorations are some of the things for which you have to apply for a generous budget. But, if you learn how you can earn some money without making any compromise in what concerns the style, the situation is going to be saved.

Less money spent on decorations means that you can redirect the surplus towards something else. How it would be if you add the sum to the money with which you’re going to buy the wedding dresses.

Less money spent on decorations

All you have to do is to use some tricks that are really handy and don’t cost that much.

First of all, ask bout the flowers…. Which are the seasonal flowers? These flowers are going to be cheaper, easier to find and these can be an original pick, different from the classical roses. The flowers can help you establish the theme or the color palette that you can use for the party. If it’s autumn, the yellow tone of the chrysanthemum can be an inspired choice, and during the spring season, bright colors are more appropriate.
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The alternative can be the flower bouquets made of silk. Not only are these going to be useful in the wedding day, but in the same time you won’t have worries concerning them, if they’re going to get dried or things like that, you can keep them some time after as well. You can use these as decorations in your new home. If the idea of a bridal bouquet made of silk flowers doesn’t tempt you, you’re going to be able to wear flowers, attracting more and more the attention towards you.

Less money spent on decorations 2

For the flower arrangements on the tables, choose flower pots, instead of vases with freshly cut flowers…. The advantage is that they’re not going to fade away and your guests are going to be able to take them home as wedding favors. Also, on the tables instead of bouquets, you can place some colored petals in a bowl with water, next to which you can add beads or colored stones.

But the flowers are not the only arrangements that you can apply for. For example in the middle of the table you can apply for a bowl with seasonal flowers. It’s going to cost you less and your guests are going to appreciate this. The candles and the bows are these as well an inspired choice, especially for a romantic and intimate wedding.

Less money spent on decorations 3

If you have sufficient imagination you can transform the pieces of décor in elements of attraction at your wedding. The holiday decorations are the easiest to make: garlands, lights, all of these can offer a special light and glitter to your wedding…. If you hire a designer it will be easier, but we’re certain that you only want to save some money.