Say “I Do” to a Creative Wedding: 10 Ways to Make Your Day Extra Special

Planning your dream wedding? Congrats!

With so much work and money going into your special day, we know you’ll want to make it stand out. Why give in to the standard trends you see on wedding sites where everything looks the same?

Not only is a wedding an occasion to celebrate your love in front of those you hold dearest, but it’s also an opportunity to throw a fun party for your friends and family! You want your guests to enjoy themselves and think back fondly on your wedding day.  

Make unique choices and add some special flair while staying classy and true to who you are as a couple. Read on to get inspired with 10 creative wedding ideas to make your day memorable.

1. Guest Transportation

If you have to shuttle guests from hotels to the ceremony or reception site, why not do it with some flair? You don’t have to resort to renting those shuttles that look like any other transportation van you’d see on the road.

Think outside the box. Try renting a decked out school bus. They come in cool colors other than yellow and there are companies that can even paint your names or wedding hashtags on the side.

If your wedding aesthetic allows for it, you can even rent old Volkswagon buses and decorate them for a nostalgic feel. Your transportation can be part of the vibe for your wedding and help get guests in the mood even on the way to your event.

2. Pre-Ceremony Drinks

Get the party started early by having cocktails or champagne served while guests file in and take their seats at the ceremony. This typically doesn’t happen until the “I do’s” are exchanged so it will be a welcome treat for their arrival.

Be sure to avoid serving anything too strong, however. You don’t want guests overdoing it since they do have a long night of celebration ahead!

3. Comfortable Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is nice. It gives folks a chance to mingle and more importantly, allows the bride and groom to have a moment to take pictures, chat with family, and regroup after their ceremony.

But the cocktail hour can get boring for guests and sometimes seems to linger on. People are standing around, waiting to take their seats and get some food. Make their experience more comfortable by creating a lounge area with sofas and comfortable chairs where people can sit.

They’ll be grateful for the ability to sit down and this area can also serve as a place where people can relax later on during the evening.

4. Fun Escort Cards

Opt out of the standard calligraphy on cardstock option. Go for something different that people can actually use. Try printing photos of each guest as a polaroid style image and writing their table number in sharpy on the bottom.

They can take them home as a keepsake. Another option is to put cards with their name and table number inside small succulents. They’ll double as a wedding favor they can take home.

5. A Video Booth

You’ve seen photo booths at most weddings but did you know you can rent a video booth or create your own? Guests can record messages directly to you and your new spouse. Urge them to share a funny story regarding your friendship or offer words of wisdom as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

These can end up being funny, digital memories you can have forever and the booth doubles as a guest book as well. It’s way more personal and fun too!

6. Choreographed Dance

First dances can be, well, a little stale. They’re expected and slow and usually set to the same song lots of other couples have already danced to. Surprise your guests with a choreographed number performed by you, your spouse, and the bridal party.

A move like this is sure to get people in the mood to party and it will get the dancing started and set the tone for the night of celebration.

7. Polaroid Cameras

Instead of renting a photo booth, make the entire party a photobooth by leaving one Polaroid camera and a few extra cartridges at each table. This will urge guests to take photos throughout the night and capture special memories your photographer may miss.

Ask people to leave some of the photos around the table and have a friend or planner go around after the party winds down to collect them. You can make a photo book after the wedding and have a personal album!

8. Midnight Snacks

Nothing is worse than a party that dies because people are hungry. Refuel your guests with a late night snack. Consider ordering pizza for the group or passing around sliders and fries.

Whatever the snack is, it will give people a second wind and keep the party going late into the evening.

9. After Party

If it’s important for you to throw an epic party, consider moving guests to another location for an after party where people can really let loose.

You can create a club-type atmosphere by renting out space or having everyone meet up at a bar after to continue the celebration.

10. Theme Your Wedding

If you and your future spouse are passionate about something or love a specific time of year, consider throwing a themed wedding. You can really make your event stand out by decking it out in whatever theme you choose.

If you two are big travelers, throw a travel inspired wedding or if you’re a huge fan of Christmas, host a holiday-inspired celebration. You can look to companies like Alive Network to learn more about ideas for a winter themed wedding.

Infuse These Creative Wedding Ideas into Your Special Day

With these tips above for a creative wedding, you can make your day unique for you and your guests. These special touches will make your wedding memorable and ensure everyone who attends has fun and gets to know you better as a couple.

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