Decor for wedding

It seems that we have examples that don’t end when it comes to ornaments and pieces of décor for weddings. In the lines to come we decided to share such models with you and maybe you’re going to take into account some of them- to give a fresh air to your event!

Here’s how we suggest a rather minimalist combination of details and with a gorgeous piece of décor in the end. So, start with a white table cover that is kind of luscious and as tableware apply for details made of glass. Also, apply for a white vase, which you feel with gorgeous looking plants that look kind of rusty in the same time. In order not to make the atmosphere that static and without color you can add a touch of green with the help of some grass threads that are placed in a round and gorgeous and simple glass container.

decor for wedding

The visual effect is really interesting and we totally recommend you to apply for a combination like this one- you can be certain that you’re not going to fail and this is definitely something that is important.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You can create a rather air of intimacy and this with the help of lights and how these are placed around the room. Using glass on the table is really gorgeous and interesting and in combination with the warm lights, you’re going to end up with a really interesting visual effect. Also, if you use a bright colored flower arrangement with chairs made of wood then you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous combination and you’re not going to regret applying for it.

decor for wedding 2

There’s also the case in which you can apply for a simple flower arrangement, for the minimalist tastes and in this situation we suggest you to take a normal glass and fill it with a little bit of water. Take a normal flower bouquet in your favorite tone and simply add it there- the visual effect is definitely interesting and needs to be taken into account. How about that?

There’s also that situation in which you would love to apply for colors and this is possible with the help of different components that you choose to use on the table. So, go for the classical line in which you apply for a white table cover and on top of it you decide to use colored glasses, made of colored glass.

decor for wedding 3

The flower arrangements that you can apply for can be made in multiple colors, but in the same time you have to make sure that the combinations used are effective and pleasing for the eyes…. these are essential things and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a gorgeous combination!