Decoration ideas for a wedding 2

We know that you love it when it comes to decoration ideas for a wedding and that’s why we want to share with you as many examples as it possibly can be. In the lines to come you’re going to read about some interesting stuff that is definitely going to make you see wedding decorations with other eyes and in another light.

We’re sure that you’re going to appreciate pretty much all these stuff presented here and also that maybe you’re going to take into account applying for an example or another…. No more o say just share with you these gorgeous examples….

We start with the first example related to decoration ideas for a wedding and we thought it would be nice to start with this one…. In this particular one there are sheets of paper used, but not any other examples, ones that are taken directly from books and newspapers.

decoration ideas for a wedding

We think that this is an example that you’re not common to find in any other wedding receptions. How about making some fans out of these pieces of paper and placing them in a round manner so that you can put the plate over it? On the plate you can apply for placing a napkin, which is going to be wrapped around with the help of the sheets ripped from books. We know that we’re not that educational when it comes to smashing and crashing books and this is why we’re going to suggest you to apply for old newspapers or even books that don’t seem that interesting to you. Books are indeed useful in no matter moment of your life and we’re sure that you know it.
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We continue with some other decoration ideas for a wedding and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy reading about these as well. So, there’s this long table we want to mention about and which you’re most common to find in weddings in general. This example involves a little minimalism in it due to the manner in which the arrangements are placed and we’re sure that you feel enchanted of this idea. Place a table cover in a light tone on the table and on the middle side of the table you can apply for placing a wrap that will change the aspect of the arrangement entirely.

decoration ideas for a wedding 2

The next step consists in placing some glass and transparent vases which are filled with water and white flowers. Make sure that the flowers are in your favorite color tone in order to make the image of the table more complete and personal. Use glasses which are transparent and that have some nice patterns on them as well. The next element that we want to mention about relates to the long strains that the flowers have and all of these elements go perfectly together if you ask us….