Personalized wedding details 2

Personalized weddings are really nice and you should definitely read all the suggestions exposed here in order to have such a wedding, if you want one…. Also, we remained at the level of the wedding favors and we definitely need to mention some words about these.

So, you can choose as wedding favors some small flower arrangements that will definitely seem interesting and great looking in the same time. There’s a tendency towards using small flower details and small flowers. You can apply for ranunculus or white dahlia in a vintage wedding, callas for a glamour wedding, wheat arrangements or with sunflower for a traditional or rustic bouquet….

personalized wedding details 2

We jump to the flower arrangements and we would like to take into account firstly the bride’s bouquet. in this year, there’s a tendency towards using original bouquets and really gorgeous looking in the same time with all kinds of details on them: crystals, ribbon and butterflies.
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Even if there’s a big superstition concerning the calla bouquets, more and more brides apply for them and they pick them in the most peculiar colors possible. They apply for dark purple with white or in different other tones. The other flower arrangements seem to be guided accordingly to the combination of the types of flowers.

The flower arrangements differ from taste to taste. There’s a tendency towards using tall flowers like lilies, gladiolas or different flower arrangements that are round, small, made of chrysanthemum, peonies, callas or orchids. And speaking of flower arrangements, more and more couples apply for suspended flower arrangements that are hanged around the chandeliers, the chairs or in different other places of the salon.

As for the way in which the salon is arranged or the spot in which you make your wedding, we need to specify that there’s a tendency towards using round tables with different flower arrangements placed in the middle of the table, flower arrangements that have a lot of details on them. These flower arrangements aren’t simple at all; they’re made of glass details or metallic ones and look really interesting together.

Let’s not forget about the classic shapes when it comes to the tables, these have rectangular shapes and these are ideal to be combined with numerous flower arrangements that have different dimensions and they’re exposed on the entire surface of the table. Also, you shouldn’t omit to use candles, because they are really important in no matter what shape or color you choose it.

No more to say! We just hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the suggestions exposed here and we’re certain that you’re going to find here exactly what you’re looking for.