Wedding table decoration

When you start organizing the most important event of your life – your wedding – you tend to stumble in a lot of details. If choosing the right wedding table decoration is what gives you a headache at the moment, then you have come to the right place.

First of all, you must bear in mind the fact that your wedding reception cannot be otherwise but in accordance with the theme chosen for the wedding. If the theme, though, has not yet been set, we do have some general ideas that might make things easier for you when deciding upon the décor.

Well, truth be told, the wedding tables are all about the centerpieces. They are the ones that the guests will focus their attention on; therefore, when you want your wedding to express elegance, you can never fail with the usage of flowers. For a traditional bride they can be white, whereas for a wedding with a more modern theme they have to be colored, in order to express diversity and vividness. Flowers can also come combined with candles, for a more romantic aspect.

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Wedding table decoration

As flowers are very easy to work with, you can be pretty creative and have them displayed immersed in a glass bowl, or you can even have them on the wedding table in small pots. If you are a rather patient person, or you have some good help, you could create unique centerpieces by filling some jars with petals. Be careful not to overcrowd the jars, though, as that will compromise the entire aspect of the tables.

For those of you who would like their wedding tables to have different, yet very chic decorations, options are endless. We will just name a couple. For instance, have you considered fruits? They can make marvelous centerpieces, especially if they come combined with candles and water bowls. You can come up with lots of ideas if you just let your imagination run wild.

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Wedding table decoration

Another example, that I am sure it has crossed your mind at least once is the candy-jar. All the guests that have a sweet tooth will appreciate your effort and they will, undoubtedly, praise your ingenuity.

I believe it is not so hard to come up with a decoration idea, now that you have a starting point. Do not forget, however, that the wedding tables decoration also imply that the plates and napkins must be neatly arranged. The centerpieces, alone, will not compensate if the dishes are neglected.