5 Decor Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Spring is the perfect time of year to say, ‘I do’. With blossoming flowers and unfurling greenery, blue skies and birds singing, it’s a season that truly symbolizes new beginnings – perfect for a couple ready to embark on the next step of their journey together.

If you have chosen to have your wedding at this wonderful time of year, here are five decor ideas to take away for inspiration when planning your big day.

Incorporate a spring holiday

If you love the joy Easter brings, or the beauty of new life and beginnings that spring embodies, incorporate these themes into your big day. Using Lindt bunnies as favors are a fun – and tasty – idea, while an Easter egg hunt can keep kids amused while the grown-ups are having photos taken if you set the date around this holiday. When it comes to color schemes, embrace yellow and add delicate sugarcraft flowers on the wedding cake as a nod to the season.

Create your own table flowers in pastel shades

Many couples like to include something that reflects their relationship somewhere in their wedding. Whether it’s the overall theme of the day, the table names or an unusual pair of shoes peeking under the bride’s dress, there are lots of ways to add personality to your spring wedding – but have you considered dabbling in a little DIY?

Creating your own flowers for your tables doesn’t have to involve crepe and folded paper. There are some truly innovative materials out there to get creative with, to add a special touch to your spring wedding. A product such as Fantasy Film, for example, can be used to create delicate flowers and is great fun to work with.

This tutorial explains in detail how to do this but it’s so easy to create a truly unique display you can keep forever and be sure to choose pastel shades to keep with the spring theme.

A sprinkle of glitter

Spring is definitely a season of fun, joy, and wonder – so add this to your decor with a dash of glitter and sparkle. A sequin table runner is easy to add to your theme or you could get creative again with mason jars – painting them with Mod Podge glue and sprinkling on glitter then adding fresh spring flowers.

Add a little extra to a natural location

A woodland ceremony or a garden bustling with wildlife are two perfect examples of ideal locations for a spring wedding. A vibrant location is a perfect backdrop for photos too. Add some whimsical decor in the form of pastel-colored streamers hanging from tree branches or create an archway filled with flowers to say ‘I do’ in front of at the end of the aisle.

There are a number of ways to create your very own archway for your wedding but try simply taking a trellis archway you can purchase from a garden center or a store such as B&Q. You can paint this in any color to match your theme – and then decorate this with fresh or artificial flowers.

Double up favors and decor

Embracing the spring theme and the wildlife associated with it, DIY birdseed wedding favors are a wonderful idea that looks great on tables and can be taken home later for guests to hang in their garden. You simply need a heart-shaped cookie cutter, homemade bird seed mix, and some twine, and you have the perfect spring wedding favor. Follow this tutorial and make these a couple of days before the wedding to ensure they stay fresh for the birds.

Consider adding some of these decor ideas to your big day and enjoy the feeling of spring from start to finish.