Selling Your Wedding Decorations: How to Get the Most Value For the Least Hassle


Whether you DIYed your own celebration or you just so happen to has leftover “things” from the wedding, there are so many different ways to dispose of the goods. Our favorite, of course, is to put them up for resale. You’ll recoup some of your budgets and be able to give someone else a beautiful touch or two within their own financial boundaries.

But, how do you resell your wedding decorations? What pieces should you put up for grabs? How much should you even sell them for? We’re breaking it all down for you today. Learn how to get the most value for the least amount of hassle below!

What Pieces To Sell

There are so many pieces of a puzzle that go into creating a gorgeous wedding day. So, in theory, there are a lot of places to grab from in terms of what you can sell. Here are some of the most popular ideas:

  • Signs – ceremony, reception, bathrooms, directional, menus.
  • Containers – jars, vases, tins, cans, jugs, votives.
  • Linens – tablecloths, napkins, fabric pieces, runners.
  • Centerpieces
  • Garlands & Banners
  • Chandeliers
  • Faux Florals – centerpieces, boutonnieres, bouquets.
  • Backdrops
  • Arches
  • Chair accents – ribbons, cushions, etc.

How Much To Sell For

Do your research. Once you decide on a site, look up similar items and go from there. Sometimes you can resell for a good price, depending on the quality, condition, and size of the items while other times you can recoup just a small portion of what it took to create/purchase the item to begin with. Go by what competitors are pricing it as and then go with what makes you feel comfortable.

5 Sites To Sell Used Wedding Decor



If you have items that are top-of-the-line or designer, this is the spot to resell them. Tradesy is made for designer goods, so you’ll get people looking for a certain quality or name – and you’ll be able to get back a good price tag on your used items.

There is some fees/commission involved here so make sure you read all of the fine print before you start selling.

Wedding Recycle

This is one of the more popular spots to sell your wedding goods. It’s a complete marketplace filled with buyers and sellers from all over. There’s a host of categories to choose from and it’s easy to search for specifics as well.

It’s free to list items but make sure you have a Paypal account because that’s necessary for creating an account with them.



Ruffled is already a super popular wedding blog that brides from all over grab ideas and inspiration from. Now, they have a spot that you can resell all of those fabulous ideas. Again, you a search easily and they have a category for nearly everything to fit in.

You’ll need a Paypal account here too but it’s free to list, buy, and sell on this site!



For those that want to put the hassle out of the selling – in terms of shipping – think about listing your items locally through an app like VarageSale. You’ll join your community, list your items, and then meet up friends throughout your community to buy and sell.

This is great for quick buys as it’s just like a garage sale – only virtual. Each “community” that you can sell it in will have separate rules to follow (for safety reasons) just make sure you’re in tune with them before proceeding.

Facebook Marketplace


Finally, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to set up shop as well. You’ll be buying and selling locally here too with the added bonus of having zero fees attached. You can meet up in person or use Paypal to make your exchange.

What’s great is you can still search all the people of Facebook to find your specific needs. And some people will be giving away items completely free!