Ideas for flower arrangements 2

We had some other examples for you and we considered the last topic wasn’t enough. The one that’s involved in organizing the wedding should study well the territory and should have variants from where to choose from…. So that’s why we are here, we just want to help you do better your job and to succeed in organizing a great ceremony!

ideas for flower arrangements 2

A great suggestion is to have a white table cover and a really colorful bouquet in the middle! You can have red roses combined with pink daisies and white lilies! It sounds really great, doesn’t it? Besides these really great looking flowers you can have some green buds in order to enrich the color of the arrangement! Place this bouquet in a normal transparent vase made of glass and that’s the whole deal…
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A ceramic vase is also a good idea as long as it’s filled with the right flowers! You can replace the ceramic vase with a metallic and shiny on: it looks as great as this one! Place a nice and big sunflower in it and some other colorful flowers in order to have a powerful touch of color….

ideas for flower arrangements 22

Green looks always great on a table…. Take some ornamental leaves together with pink and white roses and put them on a white ceramic vase! Make sure that the plants you combine form a nice and rock ornament! In combination with a white table cover it looks beautiful and it gives effect!

Big buds are the deal! Take a white big rose with an orange and a red daisy and big red and blue flowers and put them in a transparent vase! Tie them with a transparent ribbon and you’re done! All these colors combined together are really contrasting in comparison with the other elements used at your wedding party!

ideas for flower arrangements 23

A cilindric vase in green color combined with yellow flowers and big pink roses can look really nice together! The idea is that the vase should be small and the flowers need to look stuffed in there! Don’t be scared, because it won’t look bad! On the contrary, it’s really nice and it gives a playful touch to the table!

The last idea we want you to know about is also really colorful! Combine pink roses with orange daisies and green chrysanthemum buds! Make sure that the flowers are long and they have many leaves on them! The nice aspect is given by the contrasting colors and you’ll create extra effect if you put on the bouquet a pink ribbon from transparent fabric!

ideas for flower arrangements 24

You should have learned about now that you need to use your imagination and the basic idea is that you should play with colors! Use transparent vases and really colorful plants and flowers! Mix green with strong colors and you’ll see the success that you’re going to obtain! So good luck!