Personalized wedding details

What’s really popular when it comes to weddings? Well, first of all we want to specify that there are a lot of things that you can apply for when it comes to a fashionable wedding and making it look really gorgeous in the same time.

We’re going to speak about some general tendencies when it comes to weddings this year: like the fact that the wedding can take place in a rustic ambient or near the seaside…. Also, there’s that tendency towards using a certain theme and applying it in almost every little part of the wedding ceremony.

personalized wedding details

So, there’s a tendency towards glamour weddings, weddings with marine theme, vintage weddings and traditional weddings as well as fairytale ones. All of these seem to be really popular when it comes to themes and motifs good looking details. Between the most popular themes we need to mention also the ecological ones that have at the basis the usage of organic materials and recycled ones.
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Couples tend to renounce more and more to plastic objects, like balloons and balloons. There’s also a tendency towards glass decorations that are unique and designed in a special manner, also metallic details are really interesting to be used in your wedding as well and you’re going to receive some other hints in order to make your wedding a successful one.

There’s a tendency towards personalized invitations and as funny as possible. Be certain that you’re going to impress your guests with your imaginative side and how gorgeous do your details look like. More and more couples place their personal touch in the design of the invitations and you can make them for example, in brown and cream and these are colors that are most likely to be found in vintage weddings.

As for the font that you choose to place on the invitations, there’s a tendency towards italic writing, the one that imitates perfectly the handwriting and with ample curves and round lines. Also, the colors that are used in the writing needs to match with the rest of the design of your wedding, also there’s a tendency towards the usage of satin or velvet in the invitations and we’re certain that this will definitely create an interesting visual effect when it comes to your invitations.

We continue with speaking about the wedding favors! These seem to be personalized as well, no matter what shape you apply for when it comes to the wedding favor the basic tendency is to present the photo of the couple.

The photo frames seem to be between the most popular wedding favors and there are some other invitations that relate to the couple’s photo or flower arrangements applications on the wedding favors.