Wedding decoration photos

You’re going to say that all the pictures taken in a wedding are related to the people attending the wedding, the couple and the entire reception as well as the photos that can be taken outside the area in which the religious ceremony takes place or something like that…. well, some prefer to show just how gorgeous their wedding was entirely and add in their photo album some wedding decoration photos and now we’re referring to the mis en place and stuff like that.

Well, it’s not a bad idea to do this- in fact, we totally recommend you to do it because you can be a great example for the others. We hope that you’re going to love all the pictures that we’ve chosen to share with you and these are perfect examples of gorgeous ideas blended perfectly together.

wedding decoration photos

We start with an elegant reception, one in which you want to highlight just how exquisite your tastes are and we’re sure that these are going to seem gorgeous examples to you. So, we start with an elegant spot, in which all the things are related to a warm tone, you can observe a gorgeous chandelier on the roof and the tables are round with tall centerpieces that have nice arrangements in them.
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As for the tableware, these are gorgeous looking as well- they’re fine and exquisite in the same time. The basic color is white, because you know very well that you’re not going to fail with it. Another thing is to combine this classical white with black chairs and you’re done. Also, when it comes to the warm light that is offered to this place, we would like to emphasize it with the help of the lights attached on the walls, here and there….

In case you’re looking for some other wedding decoration photos then it means that you’re in the right spot, because we’ve chosen these especially for you and in such a manner that you apply for some of these suggestions.

wedding decoration photos 2

We’re speaking now about a minimalist design, which is combined with the ecological theme in the same time. We’re speaking about long tables with long table covers, realized in a light tone. In the middle side of the table you can observe arrangements and decorations that have ecological theme, cubic arrangements made of fresh grass and in that gorgeous light green tone.

Here and there on the table you can observe a pink arrangement realized with the help of a gorgeous looking vase in warm tones and with branches inside. Around the wide table you can observe chairs that are placed here and there and that look really interesting in the same time, they have a darker tone than the actual table cover.