Manufacturing minimalist and other decorations

As mentioned before, manufacturing your own decorations may be considered a very original and interesting think to do, and it`s also recommended by some! The chapter of the vintage and colorful decorations is closed, a new one can be opened, that of decorations that have as central idea the minimalist theme and the motif of the flight!


Would you love your wedding minimalistic? Your ideas may be considered interesting and funny at the same time! Here are some other suggestions added to what you may already think of! Don`t you remember the salt support you used to do from paper? Ask the little ones and see how it`s done and place these assets on the tables, as name cards! Your idea will be considered original, be sure of it! Use a Tic Tac box, cover it with ribbon and paper, write your names on it and create a unique testimony! Another idea that may help you is for the gift box, which may be obtained from a normal card box, cover it with some white paper and draw geometrical shapes on it! Interesting idea, isn`t it? For the guests that can`t remain until the end of the ceremony put some cake in a box made by you, with a nice ribbon, and voila! Want to impress your guests in a fine way? Put your names on the napkins, if you are patient, you can do that, with a model and applying a nice calligraphy on each napkin! Your names will remain like a tattoo in your guests` memories!


The most interesting decorations are those that have as a central theme the flight! Don`t worry, if you haven`t found interesting wedding testimonies, you can make your own ones, remember?! If you like the idea of flight then it`s just ok! You can create some cards in shape of swallows and angels! It`s an inspiring theme for those invited at the wedding and the idea of flight is immediately given by these little shapes! These figurines can be put on the table, and if they don`t resemble to the childhood years, then a kite will surely bring this idea in the guest`s mind! For the kite, you need some colored sheets of paper, little colored cards of carton, ribbon, and a black pencil! The people invited will be certainly pleased of your creativity!
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No matter what you choose as a central theme for your wedding, try to use your creativity as much as you can and it will certainly be appreciated! And think of the other aspects: you won`t need much money for your ideas to be put into real things and you also relax by doing all these things! It`s up to you what theme you like and maybe this peace of advice will give you a helpful hand!