DIY Wedding Gifts that are Actually Useful


There are many reasons for wanting to give a DIY wedding gift; for some, they want to give something unique and personal that the couple will treasure, while for others, perhaps saving time and money is a factor. Whatever the reason, there are incredibly good ideas out there that you can try out for yourself and you may just end up giving the happy couple the most memorable gift.

Get Inspired

Of course, the most difficult part of any DIY project is first coming up with the brilliant idea. However, this is where the various beautiful internet mediums come in incredibly handy. For an initial idea, Pinterest is fantastic, and with usually over thousands of ideas to choose from, you are sure to find something that you want to try your hand at.

After getting the idea, figuring out how comes into play; this is where you will want to turn to YouTube tutorials or to some excellent DIY bloggers who give detailed step by step directions. I’ve had lists over the years of those who I have considered the best DIY bloggers, but I would say take a look for yourself to find bloggers that you personally feel inspired by. It’s hard not to notice that websites getting easier to make, especially with pre-made templates and designs available for most kinds of themes, it seems there are blogs popping up almost daily, and this is good for everyone! So peruse the internet to find new and exciting blogs, or check back in with the good old faithful ones.

Put it Into Action

These are two ideas that I found to be particularly cute and have myself gifted to friends this year, mostly because I wanted to give something unique but also useful.

His and Hers Pillows

This idea comes from a blog that is personally a favorite of mine, A Beautiful Mess. I find the idea so incredibly simple, but also unbelievably cute. Just make sure you choose relatively neutral colors when gifting this, unless you know the color scheme of the couple’s bedroom. You don’t want to end up giving them something that will clash terribly. Check out the blog post for the full step by step directions. And if it’s been a while since the last time you’ve attempted to sew anything, check out an online sewing tutorial or two in order to brush up. It’s easy to find the information that you need to be able to handle yourself with a needle and thread, so don’t pass on this cute option just because you are feeling rusty.

Money Roses

This came in incredibly handy at the last wedding I visited, especially because the bride and groom specifically asked for a money gift on the invitation. I wanted to give a gift that met that criterion, but I also didn’t just want to give them a card with cash in it. So I checked out a few ideas online and then after watching the video directions for how to make them, I ended up with absolutely beautiful money roses. I gifted them in an old glass bottle instead of a conventional vase for an added unique touch.