Unique, DIY Wedding Guest Favors

Get your hands dirty and create something for you wedding with your own two hands. And the wedding favors are a perfect place to start! Here are 10 ideas that are unique, memorable and easy to do too!

53f1624774384$!400x (1)Create little goody boxes filled with traditional Jordan almonds, for luck of course!

53ebbda9b70cb$!400xPut together a CD of your favorite songs as a couples for your entire guest party to enjoy!

53e7ebbcb1e4e$!400xClassic cokes in a bottle work great for retro weddings, just create some fun tags to go with them!

541707f019124$!400xCreating your own olive oil could be one of the most memorable gifts of all.

53eb4444dfbe2$!400xBags of homemade caramel popcorn could be right up your alley too, especially if its a favorite snack of the happy couple!

53e39190060e7$!400xDid you know that you can make your own candles? It’s quite a fun experience!

5397bd3ea8d92$!400xOr you can even make your own canisters of wildflower seeds for your loves ones to plant.

546f702a2f63c$!400xIf your reception is running a bit late, send your guests off with a bag of milk and cookies – made up from home!

545992f5c2f20$!400xLittle bits of homemade jam could be right up your alley.

542434fd5bc5e$!400xOr have fun setting up a candy buffet to where your party-goers can create their own grab bag to go!

photos via SMP