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Perhaps there’s no need for a wedding planner? Perhaps I can arrange the perfect day myself? The end result will be cheaper and I’ll do everything better because I am the only one to really know what I want!

These are the thoughts that came across the mind of every single woman trying on the mantle of a future bride. Alas, tough reality dictates its own rules. There’s just too much to do and too little time for the lady of the day to care about guests, menus, flowers and whatnot. It’s best to contact professionals here: http://delhi.wedding.net/planners/

The “Why”

I am a professional wedding planner myself and over 17 years “in the field” I know how stressful the Big Day can get. Most of my calls consist of phrases like:

We didn’t forget anything, right?

Is there a better way to do those flowers?

Have we ordered enough cake?

The list can go on to infinity. Key takeaway is – you don’t want to deal with that kind of pressure as the day of your marriage should be a holiday, a celebration, a feast – not a chore!

How to choose the perfect wedding planner?

The following traits will ensure you make the perfect hire of a fitting wedding planner.

Experience. The more – the better. Sure the price tag of a skilled cooperationist is raised exponentially but there are just too many factors to consider while picking a wedding planner. The more years those people spend in the industry the more connections he or she has with basketry stores, florists, restaurants and whatnot. You name it and a guy with 10+ years in the field has probably nailed it for at least seven times.

Financial policies. Not everyone’s a daughter of a billionaire you know. A professional can work with a limited budget. An open mind paired with a bunch of potential all-case scenarios have to be stored in his portfolio.

Appealing personality. You must like your planner as a person in order to trust him with something as special as your personal wedding day arrangements. Nothing else matters if something did not tick inside you upon the first encounter. The whole thing will never work without bonds and chemistry so note that a planner you like is more fitting than a planner with a better portfolio.

That’s pretty much it. Combine these three simple traits and you will receive the ultimate person to guide and arrange your wedding. If you have any other ideas – I am quite open to discussion and would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!