Designer wedding dresses that will take your breath away

Our examples of designer wedding dresses don’t end here, because there are so many suggestions that we have for you that you just can’t imagine. Indeed, some of these can look really extravagant, but these are definitely worth seeing because they can make you differ from a normal bride.
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We start with a silver wedding dress that took our breath from the first instant that we’ve placed our eyes on it. This one is designed accordingly to the fairy tale gowns models and we’re sure that they look interesting enough for you. It’s made of tulle and you can observe on the entire surface of this gown flowers applied in a very interesting manner. The dress is long and it has a really ruffled skirt, also it has spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline that highlights you breasts in a gorgeous manner. It looks quite scrumptious, don’t you think so?

designer wedding dresses 3

We continue with other two designer wedding dresses that were sure that will seem interesting to you! These two are deigned in a gorgeous manner! And how is that? Well all the details involved in their design show this thing and we’re sure that you’re going to like these as much as we did.

We start with the first one that may seem a normal wedding dress, but it isn’t quite in this way, because there are some details that make these different from normal ones. We’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline.

This dress has a ruffled skirt that is composed of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric. Also around the waist line there’s a ribbon detail that serves as belt and it delimits the upper area of the body from the lower one. The upper area is highlighted with the help of a tight corset on the body that has silvery embroidery on in a large quantity. The ruffled skirt is made of multiple layers of semi transparent fabric and it has here and there some flower embroidery too. As you can see there are only interesting things to be mentioned about this dress. as for the veil that covers the head, it’s made of transparent fabric and it’s as a slight detail. Quite interesting, don’t you think so?

designer wedding dresses 3 2

We continue with another designer wedding dress that is made of semi transparent fabric entirely. This one is sleeveless and it has a straight cleavage, in the front side, the skirt is short and in the back side is continued with a normal train. Also, under the ruffled fabric you can observe a dress that is made of matte fabric that is tight on the body and serves as basic element. On the margins of the skirt you can observe some round details that are made of white and tougher parts. These circular elements can e observed on the bodice as well and they look quite great.