Fairy tale dresses

Fairytale wedding dresses are an archetype that every woman has in her head when thinking that she will get married. These types of bridal gowns seem to be really in trend, as more and more designers make special collections dedicated to this kind.

Here is how a fairytale wedding dress usually looks like: tight corset with lace embroidery (or simple made), tulle skirts that are made in a wide manner and with multiple layers of fabric and so, here’s how the perfect fairy image is created and you can bring it to life in your special day.


Tiaras or long bridal veils are preferred by the brides who want a wedding adopting a fairy theme, but the bride can handle this look without a bridal hair accessory as well. The bridal veil is a symbolic object, which can have extra length some times – about 3 meters long if the bride tends to over exaggerate. Also, another thing that matters is the manner in which you want to wear the bridal veil, if you want it to cover your face or if you want it on the back side of the head, as to uncover the face. You can renounce to the idea of wearing a bridal veil if you want to – it’s not a necessary object.


The most common tone for fairytale wedding gowns is white and lace is applied here and there, but you can also observe embroidery realized with silvery or golden tones – it only depends on the personal taste.

So, the bridal veil is not a necessary wedding accessory and for this matter you can apply for a bridal tiara, which can be made with stone applications or in a simple manner. The color of the bridal tiara is also facultative. Make sure, though, that is doesn’t offer the bridal gown a discordant note and that all the elements go great together.


If you want your wedding dress less covered by details, if you expect it to be chic, glamorous and simple – all these in the same time, you should think a little bit of the classic style adopted by Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. These models can be seen as fairytale weddings if you want to consider them in this way.
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Recall this idea:

The bride has to wear the bridal gown and not the other way around. The style that you apply for should be one that characterizes you totally and if it’s a fairytale wedding gown, then it’s better!