Hawaiian wedding dress

Every culture has its traditions and so they apply them in their special moments of their lives. When it comes to the clothing the situation isn’t different at all and with the wedding dresses the situation is the same. We distinguished some nationalities from the others by using different types of wedding dresses and we continue doing it with the help of these marvelously looking pieces of clothing and we present you some interesting looking Hawaiian wedding dresses.

These dresses denote simplicity, the natural aspect and you feel just great while you’re wearing them, because the fabric is really great; also they use different types of motifs on their dresses and the floral embroidery is often encountered in this culture, but you already know that, don’t you?

hawaiian wedding dress

Our first suggestion of Hawaiian wedding dress feels loose on the body, it has short sleeves and it has a straight neckline. On the neckline and the sleeves one can observed a wavy detail created from fabric. The dress isn’t tight at all on the body and from “head to toes” it has floral embroidery on it, arranged in lines.
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Similar to the previous model is this one. It has also a straight neckline and short sleeves and it feels really wavy on the body. These time there are used leaves embroidery and on the sleeves you can see some ruffled details. On the lower side of the dress you can observe waves and ruffles that really go great with the rest of the details of this dress.

Let’s also mention that you can apply instead of a tiara and pompous jewelry a crown made of fresh flowers, because this is another specific symbol of this culture and place and we think that it goes perfectly with these simple models of dresses.

hawaiian wedding dress2

Another interesting model of Hawaiian wedding dress is made from the same fabric as the first one that we’ve presented and with the same time of floral embroidery, the only thing that differs is the model. This time, the dress has a sweetheart neckline and on this neckline there are some ruffled details. Other things that need to be mentioned are the spaghetti straps and the ruffled details on the borders of this dress.

hawaiian wedding dress3

These humble models of dresses aren’t that expensive and would be ideal to be worn in a wedding that takes place on the beach or even in a garden. You can adopt a flower crown on your head and simple pieces of jewelry or even not at all! Yes, indeed you can apply for not wearing jewelry or to fancy stuff, because these dresses denote simplicity and also if the wedding takes place in open air and the wind blows, you wouldn’t want to loose an earring or whatever you’re wearing on, would you?