Wedding favors made of porcelain

We stopped and shared with you some interesting wedding favors and we’re certain that you found the suggestions and all the examples offered really useful. In fact, we would feel really bad if you didn’t take them into account, because we consider these examples quite effective and gorgeous looking in the same time.

We start with some other interesting models of wedding favors that are made from porcelain and they’re not that expensive in the same time. you can definitely apply for ashtrays, bowls or different containers that an be used in your household and in the same time you can attach a message on these, one that is of course related to the day in which your wedding takes place and of course your names….

wedding favors made of porcelain

Some small figurines would serve as well as wedding favors. We’re thinking of small figurines that are made of porcelain as well and which have an interesting message on them as well, like “listen”, “friends”, “love” or any other messages that seem really interesting in the same time. You can have multiple such “disks” that can fill a bowl and use these as wedding favors with success! How about that?

wedding favors made of porcelain 2

There are some other wedding favors that you can apply for and we’re certain that you’re curious to find out about some other examples. We would like to continue with a bell that is made of porcelain and it has really nice patterns on it. Let’s also mention that it has a ribbon above and with flower details as well. You can be definite that in the end it’s going to look really gorgeous on the tables of your guests and also that if you attach it a ribbon and something like that, it’s going to be just suitable for your guests.

wedding favors made of porcelain 3

How about a plate with all the right details on it? For instance, you can apply for a simple plate that has some writings on it and message related to your wedding day. Also, you can add some love motifs here and there and the effect is definitely guaranteed. You can write your names there, the date in which it takes place and some other details that you want to add. It depends on your personal tastes.

wedding favors made of porcelain 4

So, we added that you can definitely apply for different objects that are made of porcelain and with different messages on them. Also, there’s option in which you can observe details and objects made of porcelain and they’re really gorgeous looking in the same time. Some gorgeous details if you ask us and totally recommend you to apply for them.