Wedding favors symbol

An interesting thing that we’ve observed is that we didn’t succeed in mentioning things about wedding favors and when we say “things”, we refer to the history and similar such details, which are essential for a bride to know before her organizing such an important event.

The wedding favors are those small tokens of appreciation that the bride and groom place on the table to their guests, of course these can be considered gifts and they’re offered at the wedding reception or the wedding ceremony.

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Wedding favors

You may think that this habitude of offering wedding favors is quite new, well it isn’t in fact…. We seem to have traced its roots back in history, when the European aristocrats offered among them small boxes in which they placed sugar cubes or confections. These containers were called bonbonnieres and they were made with precious stones (or not) and of porcelain or crystal. This was a symbol of royalty and wealth – due to the fact that sugar was considered a luxury product in that period.
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Throughout the time one can observe how these sugar cubes were replaced with almonds, almonds covered with sugar and these were offered to the guests as to indicate the wishes that the groom had concerning his new life. Even in our days you can observe how the wedding favors consist of coated almonds and this takes us back to the history of the wedding favors. Of course, you may think that almonds are bitter and not that appreciated by many. The coated almonds have two main symbols: the fact that the marriage is not that perfect, it has sweet moments, as well as bitter ones – it’s normal to be in this way.

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Wedding favors

Enough talking about history, we have to mention some things about the wedding favors symbols nowadays…. These are shared worldwide and they’ve become an essential element when it comes to wedding planning and a wedding ceremony in general – this is a custom that is done especially in Canada and the United States.

The nowadays wedding favors are various and they differ from a place to another, they also differ from a wedding theme to another. As you may realize, wedding themes are considered essential when it comes to picking the right wedding favors. You can apply for these classic wedding favors, but in the same time you can make sure that you’ve applied for the newest details….