Things you should know about your wedding presents

My dear friends, I know that you are confused and that you don’t know how you should act, when it comes to your wedding gift. Maybe you are shy and timid, or on the contrary, maybe you are direct and therefore you are not ashamed to ask the gifts you desire at your ceremony. However, we believe that there should be a middle way, i.e. the new couple getting married shouldn’t be too shy and ask for cheap things that they won’t use in their household, mean while they shouldn’t be too direct either. There should be a sort of diplomacy, which everyone will appreciate.
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Therefore, you should register for some items that you will really need, or some items that would be appropriate for this happy event, for the theme of your wedding and also for your personality and lifestyle.

Things you should know about your wedding presentsCredit
Things you should know about your wedding presents

So, you may ask for linen, jewellery, clothes, silver cutlery, makeup products, or even you may register for your honeymoon. This would be a great gift that your friends would surely like to offer you. Not to mention that it won’t be very expensive, in case they would all contribute at this marvellous wedding present. So, if you would register for something like that, your honeymoon will be assured.

There are some cases in which, the family and friends decide to offer money to the newly weds.

Things you should know about your wedding giftsCredit
Wedding gifts

Why? Well, maybe they need this money for an investment, or maybe for a new house. Whatever the reason may be, it is possible for the weddings attendants to offer money to the newly weds. Thus, there won’t be any gift problems, and the bride and the groom will surely receive what they require.

But, you should know that it wouldn’t be appropriate to ask money from your wedding guests. It would be an awkward situation, and your friends will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is acceptable to receive money from your friends only if you discussed with them previously and you have told them your great plans for the future. Otherwise, we do not advise you to do something like this.

All in all, we believe that your wedding guest will surely appreciate if they would give you a long lasting present or if they would contribute at your happiness and they would send you in your wedding honeymoon. Therefore, do not ask for money, unless it is absolutely necessary!