Fairy tale gowns for her and him

Every couple wishes that their wedding should look like ripped from a fairy tale story! This thing isn’t hard to do, and with the right elements-beginning from gowns and accessories and ending with the decorations- you can realize such a wedding without having any problems.


We will start with the gowns, in order to depict a fantasy wedding. We are going to describe you some nice models of wedding dresses and suits for grooms….
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The first couple we want to present to you is ripped from old stories with princesses and kings. The bride wears a nice ball look a like dress, it made of corsage and skirt. The corsage has manually embroidered lace, the puffed skirt is made of tulle and taffeta! The veil is made of transparent taffeta and it’s rather long! The groom wears a nice black suit, it’s made of wool and it is worn with a white elegant shirt with ivory vest, the tie is similar in nuance with the vest. The shoes he wears are shiny and are probably made form leather!

The next bride and groom are also dressed in nice outfits. She has a deux piece dressed also with puffed skirt. The dress has applications of marbles and lace! He wears a nice purple suit with a dark gray elegant shirt! The suit is made of silk and wool, the shirt is made of silk and the redingote is really long and looks good on him!


The next suggestion of dress is made of taffeta and silk with different ornaments applied made of lace and crystals. It has long sleeves and the chest is left naked. The sleeves are puffed in the shoulder area and that’s what dives the dress a really nice aspect. The groom is dressed in a nice suit with brown jacket in the upper side made of silk, and the trousers are black and made of wool and silk with oblique pockets! The shirt is obviously elegant and it’s made of silk with some nice applications on the chest!

The next model of dress for the bride is mermaid style made of satin and tulle! It has nice floral embroideries from “head to toes”. The groom wears a black costume made of wool in black nuance and a cotton elegant shirt in white! A regal feast: combination of black and white between the bride and groom’s gowns!


The last combination we want you to present is a nice wedding dress for her made of corsage and puffy skirt! The corsage is very tight on her body and it highlights really well the breasts. Let’s mention that it has some nice floral applications on it and that the skirt is really puffy and also has floral applications on the margin!

The trail of this dress is really long and certainly will invoque the idea of fairy tales! The basic material used for this dress is tulle over silk! The groom wears wool and silk smoking, with a white elegant shirt made of cotton! The costume is black and it has on the collar red silk applications!