A touch of color in the bride`s gown

The previous article has spoken about the colorful elements in a groom`s suit. As mentioned before, the bride can also be colorful, she only needs inspiration and certainly everybody will admire her courage of applying her favorite colors in her wedding gown…. So let`s see some other suggestions for the bride`s colorful gown!


The principal element that will certainly color your wedding gown is the bouquet, of course your gown is white, you can use a blue bouquet out of forget me not flowers or an orange bouquet made out of orange roses or any other flowers you like! If you want the dress to match the bouquet, you can apply on your puffy skirt some flowers made out of material, here and there!
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You also can suit the red bouquet with your red lips and the jewelry from your neck! Isn`t that wonderful? A touch of red without exaggerating at all! As long as you have red lipstick on your lips, avoid highlighting your eyes too much, the accent will be on your face and not on your accessories!

What about a two colored bouquet? White and red maybe? White to go with the entire gown`s color and red that suits maybe a red element on the dress, maybe a ribbon under the bust area, that highlights the beauty of your body? It`s up to you where you put that element!

Accordingly to the fade nuance you`ve applied on your dress, you can use a much more dark nuance or even happy on a flower that you can apply instead of tiara or veil in your hair! Is the dress has a touch of fade green, than you can use a green flower in your hair and the bouquet can be from white flowers, not to catch the attention too much! If you have a touch of pink in your dress, you can apply for a pink flower in your hair, and so on….


If the entire dress is ivory or white, a red bouquet will certainly highlight its beauty! Use a deep red for the bouquet and the result will be wonderful! Its` not bad to apply for the two colored bouquet, and also apply the flower elements on your dress here and there, make sure you use the same flowers and same color as in the bouquet!

The most interesting idea is that of using blue and gold in a wedding dress! You`ll thing it won`t look like a bride`s dress at all! Well, you`re wrong, because if you use the appropriate material you`ll certainly obtain the result you want! Using taffeta in the skirt will surely give a puffy aspect and in the upper side you can make a corsage of the blue material with lace applications! The veil will be also from gold taffeta and the result will be just breath taking!


Try to play with your imagination and you`ll certainly get rid of the dull image of the bride! Give color to your entire gown and you`ll certainly be admired for your courage and ideas!