Vintage wedding gowns

Vintage implies also the plisse materials, such as veil; having a puffy skirt made out of veil plisse and cream lace over it, can certainly be a fest for the guests` eyes!


The upper side of the dress can be in a corsage shape, in the breast area the motifs of the medieval dresses and under the breasts until the beginning of the puffed skirt the dress can have an embroidered area! The dress has no sleeves and the bride is going to look certainly like a doll princess! If you consider the dress beautiful enough, you can get rid of the jewelry, but certainly you would love to add some nice pieces of jewelry, wouldn`t you?!
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Speaking of motifs taken from the medieval period, you can apply to these models some modern elements and your vintage dress will certainly look modern! A ribbon, a layer of pearls, a line of lace embroidery, roses made out of taffeta and the examples can go on…. that`s the fresh touch you can give to your gown!

Well, besides the crinoline dresses and the puffed skirts of the wedding gowns, vintage implies also many other things, motifs like: covering the neck area and the hands, using golden nuances and transparent boleros, collars and dresses made entirely till the collar, with a collar!


Lace is probably the most often used fabric for vintage wedding dresses! It is used for embroideries and also in highlighting different precious areas! The lace can be also used in the bride`s veil, the vintage veil was very thin at size, but very powerful embroidered, it was rather long, but it covered only a small part of the head and hair and revealed the beautiful features of the young woman! Beside the veil, you can apply also a small flower or a ribbon made out of taffeta ore even lace and place it on one side of the head!

Gloves are also elements that can be used in the vintage wedding dress, and be easily replaced by a medium bracelet, but if you use the bracelet avoid any other pieces of jewelry in the neck or ears side! Fur is also used in these types of dresses, as collars or different elements, like boleros. And speaking of boleros, transparent ones always look nice above the vintage wedding dress! These boleros can be made out of taffeta or any other transparent material!

The golden gown can be easily represent the vintage image of the wedding dress,, you can have any type of shape to this dress, as long as it`s made out of sating! Make sure you have some lace applications to maintain the vintage line!


Use lace on the breast area and also on the jacket that involves this dress, use lace on the jacket on the end of the sleeves and on the collar! And on top of everything, use a golden hat or even silvery hat! If you dare wearing such a gown, you`re certainly a fashion addict!