Designer wedding gowns 2

We promised not to end with the examples that concern the designer wedding gowns and we’re back with this topic, in case you want to apply for such a model. Of course, you know that these are expensive, but you can take the model and make your dress accordingly to it.

We start with our first suggestion, which is breathtaking and you’re going to draw the same conclusion after you read about it…. So we’re speaking about an A-line designer wedding gown which is white and it’s made of nice embroidery. This dress is sleeveless and it has nice looking details on the breasts, these look interesting due to the fact that the dress is conceived with straight neckline.

designer wedding gowns 2

Let’s also mention that you can observe how the dress looks as if it’s flowing on the body and it ends with nice looking waves and embroidery on the borders, embroidery that imitate flowers…. Quite an interesting model, don’t you think so?
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We continue with another designer wedding gown and the next suggestion that we have is kind of extravagant: it’s sleeveless, it has a sweetheart neckline and it’s made from two different types of fabric (the upper side is made of tulle and the fabric for the skirt is fluffy, similar to fur). The corset has tiered areas on the breasts and on the thighs as well, it’s tight up to the thighs and underneath it there’s the skirt made from that special type of fabric.

designer wedding gowns 2 2

We don’t know if you would apply for such a wedding gown in your wedding day, but we want to present you a large range of products, so that you have where to choose from….

Are you interested in a wedding gown that makes you look like a princess? Well, it seems that we’ve got just the right solution for you. We’re speaking of a sleeveless wedding dress that has a really puffed skirt, like in fairy tales. The corset is made of tulle with nice embroidery on and the skirt is made form multiple layers of transparent fabric in order to create a nice impression, of a fluffy skirt….

designer wedding gowns 2 3

Here’s another extravagant designer wedding gown that we thought it would be pleasant to present to you…. This one is made with a transparent corset with silvery embroidery on and the skirt is really puffed and made from multiple layers of fabric. The corset, as mentioned previously is transparent and it has silvery details on, flower embroidery together with some other details, also it has one shoulder strap and you can observe some bits of skin here and there.

designer wedding gowns 2 4

The skirt, as we mentioned previously is made in a really puffed manner and it’s realized in multiple layers of fabric with ruffled areas here and there. Similar to the embroidery seen on the corset can be observed on the skirt too…