Honeymoon – Disneyland

In case you decided for a large sum concerning the honeymoon we would like to give you a second opinion in what concerns the place in which you want it to happen and as usual we want you to take our suggestion into consideration because it would be a real pity not to apply for it indeed.

Believe it or not Disneyland is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to the honeymoon. You can find there a special department created for booking and ideas in what concerns spending your time in this resort.

If you do not consider Disneyland as being a romantic destination think twice after reading our lines, here is the top five places that you shouldn’t miss when you’re spending your honeymoon here….

honeymoon - Disneyland

You can eat in Blue Bayou, which is a marvelous restaurant that can be found next to the Caribbean Pirates. The menu contains food that is inspired by the Cajun kitchen. Their specialty is the Monte Cristo, a sandwich served at lunch. This particular restaurant needs a booking and this is due to the nice sights that you can find next to the restaurant.
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You can see just how marvelous the night is from the Sun Wheel. This is a marvelous spot in Disneyland California that has splendid views and it’s made on 16 layers. Pick a stable gondola; those that swing too much are made for adrenaline and not for spending romantic moments together. Consult the time schedule of the events so that you can see the fireworks exactly in the moment in which you find yourself in the wheel.

honeymoon - Disneyland 2

When you feel that you need a break there are so many spots in which you can relax and the right place for doing this is the New Orleans Square. Choose a drink from the Min Julep bar and find a bench in one of the streets or maybe in a hidden yard.

Surely you’re going to get advantage of a live show of a band that interprets on one of the balcony that is seen on the streets. Even if the streets aren’t that messy and can bring you with the idea of a Mardi Gras festival it’s chilly just to stay and watch how people pass in front of you.

honeymoon - Disneyland 3

You can take a photo as souvenir and there are numerous places in which this can be done. In Disneyland you can find lots of professional photographers that can be seen in every spot of both parks. They’re going to be thrilled to take pictures of you with your own camera or with theirs.

On the other hand you can buy a photo on Main Street Photo Supply Co. and the images are representative for the spot or they’re made in front of the castle of the Beauty and the Beast or with Mickey in his famous barn from the movie. You could also apply for the drawing artists that can sketch a portrait of you.