4 Harp-Heavy Music CDs You’ll Want for Your Celtic Wedding

Looking for the perfect music to escort you down the aisle or entertain your guests on that greatest of all days? Irish brides, look no further: the four atmospheric wedding music CDs described below are sure to pull the heartstrings of one and all throughout your very special evening.


Haste To The Wedding by Anne Roos

Anne Roos performs Celtic music on the Celtic harp with accompanying instruments. The tracks flow in the same order as music at a wedding. Ideal for future brides and lovers of Celtic music alike. This unique CD was recorded live in a church, without overdubbing, to give the feeling of a live ensemble performing at a wedding.


Vow: An Irish Wedding Celebration by Aine Minogue

This is a beautiful CD of traditional Irish wedding ceremony music. The music is beautifully produced, with a gorgeous, modern, ethereal New Age sound. In other words, you could fairly describe it as “Enya playing Irish wedding music.” The vocals are exquisite, and so is the performance. The music will enrapture you. All in all, this is just a fabulous CD that amounts to a must-have.

Princess of Flowers by Margaret Davis

Ms. Davis performs on the Celtic Harp, a gorgeous instrument of the traditional British Isles instrument that predates the modern concert harp. Of Scottish heritage herself, Margaret has put together a repertoire of traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, and England, as well as Medieval and Renaissance music from England, France, and Germany. Learn more about her Celtic Harp Wedding Music on her website.


A Celtic Renaissance Wedding by Brobdingnagian Bards

No, it’s not actually harp music. Instead, there’s an autoharp. However, this CD is a beautiful and mesmerizing album of romantic Celtic wedding music. In addition to being one of the band’s best-selling albums, it also receives high marks from wedding couples worldwide.

Marc Gunn is an Irish and Scottish folk singer with a strange affinity for Celtic ballads, drinking songs and cats. He is the lead singer for the Brobdingnagian Bards who perform at numerous Celtic weddings in Central Texas.