5 Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette Tips You Need To Read

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette.

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette.

The rehearsal dinner is a chance for fun, mingling, and food the night before the wedding. If you are getting ready to plan the rehearsal dinner part of your nuptials but are unsure as to proper etiquette, read on. There’s a few key things to know before the planning process begins.


Traditionally, the parents of the groom pay for the rehearsal dinner since the bride’s parents pay for the wedding. Times have changed, and many couples host their own rehearsal dinners. If you think your hubby-to-be’s parents want to host, have a quick chat with them about expectations, budget, and the like. Remember to be flexible, especially if they offer to pay for the whole thing.

Party Style

Rehearsal dinner styles run the gamut from formal or semi-formal affairs to clambakes. Whatever you decide, remember that the dinner is not supposed to be more formal than the wedding. If you want to have the dinner at your favorite bar, go for it. If you would like to throw a cocktail hour-style event, enjoy getting fancy. No matter what, keep things fun!

Guest List

Tradition again states that you invite everyone who is invited to the wedding to the rehearsal dinner. However, you can opt to keep the dinner small and just invite your parents and the wedding party. If you do want to invite a lot of people, do yourself a favor and invite everyone attending your wedding. It will avoid a lot of hurt feelings.


A few toasts are usually expected at the rehearsal dinner, such as you and your groom thanking everyone for coming. The hosts usually speak, which could be you or a few parental figures. The maid of honor and best man might also say a few words if you want.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your rehearsal dinner! Have fun!