Bride’s shoes

We know that the wedding shoes are really important when it comes to the bride’s look and presence. We just hope that you make the right choices in what concerns this matter. In the lines to come we have some suggestions that will definitely catch your interest and will make you think with what pair you can blend the dress with ….

We start with a pair of high heels in white tone and we’re sure that you’re going to like this one.

bride's shoes 1

This pair is made of satin and it has a jeweled brooch detail in the front side with pleated vamp. The heel isn’t that big and it’s covered almost entirely with leather. Should we mention the designer? Well, you must have a hunch definitely, Manolo Blahnik….
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We suggest an interesting pair of sandals, which are mid-heel. These are made from silk satin with elasticized strap, it’s wrapped with sock calf leather lining and the sole is made of calf leather. This pair of mid-heel sandals will make you feel in your ease and be certain that you won’t encounter any problems while you’re dancing. We’re sure that you are going to feel pretty comfortable in it and there won’t be any need of changing it with another pair.

bride's shoes 2

We know that it’s too hot outside for a pair of pumps, but these will always be effective when it comes to serving as the bride’s shoes. These are made of white silk satin, are wrapped with a sock calf leather lining that will definitely make you feel really comfortable in these and also let’s mention that they won’t feel too harsh on the legs either. The sole is made of leather and this means extra comfort.

bride's shoes 3

Did we convince you with a pair of shoes up to this moment? Well, if we didn’t then we hope that we do it with the future examples so that you make a general idea and see what suits you best and what doesn’t.

Here’s a wonderful pair of sling back sandals and these will definitely be appropriate to be worn with a simple dress that doesn’t have many models on it, because these have a lot of details on them. So, these are made of silk satin and you an observe rosette details on the margins. Also the shoes are wrapped with sock calf leather lining and these have the sole made of leather. Be sure that these will feel pretty comfortable on the feet and you won’t have any problems when it comes to wearing them or dancing in them.

bride's shoes 4

We hope that the suggestions that we’ve just offered to you concerning the bride’s shoes are pretty useful and maybe you can make your mind concerning one of these pairs.