Sandals for the bride

The first thing you have to take into account when you pick a pair of sandals for your wedding day is that the model and the fabric from which the wedding dress is made of need to suit for sure.

If your wedding takes place during the summer time then nothing is more suitable than a pair of sandals, which are more appropriate than a pair of wedding shoes and they’re also much more comfortable.

Especially if you’re going to wear a short or medium wedding dress you’re going to add extra importance to the sandals you’re going to wear.

Another important aspect is that those sandals that you wear have to be really comfortable and taking into account that it’s going to be a very tiring day you don’t want your sandals to cause blemishes or to feel uncomfortable in any other manner.
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Pay attention to the high heels, preferably would be a platform in the case in which you’re a shorter person. And if you can go away from high heels don’t hesitate to do it. You’re going to be able to stand in your feet more and dance and so on and you’re going to need your legs the next day as well! With all of these if you really want to be extravagant then you can’t avoid high heel sandals!

The sandals have the advantage that they can be accessorized in many other manners. You can apply them a small flower that can be observed discretely. Also, you can opt for a pair of adorned sandals with different ornaments, from semiprecious stones to diamonds and of course in white tone.

In the measure in which you attract all the attention over the sandals from your legs, you’re going to accessorize them how you think it’s appropriate. Also, the sandals can be adorned with delicate bows made of satin or other fabrics.

If you have a short wedding dress, a pair of sandals with barrette that goes over the ankle are going to make you feel really elegant. Also, the barrette on the ankle offers you a plus of confidence with every step that you’re going to make due to the fact that its sustaining role and the heels are really tall.

If you have a retro wedding dress you can try some square high heels if you have a more wavy wedding dress or short or you can try with success some high heel shoes and really elegant especially if you have fine shapes.

If you’re more of a vintage bride you can apply for a pair of sandals without heels, eventually with some flower applications that can be really discrete and a little bit of heel!