Retro high heels

The shoes bring always the final touch for a successful and complete look. This is why, it’s important that you choose the appropriate model of wedding shoes for your wedding.

It’s not only necessary for these to be suitable with the outfit, but to also feel comfortable in these. In most of the cases the shoes are going to save you from many difficult situations. The material from which these pairs are made of, the aspect and the way in which they are on the body.

If you want to be a vintage bride then you have to search for some pairs of appropriate shoes to wear. Generally the square heel shoes have the effect of making you feel more comfortable than those with thin heel, no matter on the height of the height of the heel.
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For a vintage or retro outfit or at least with retro accents you have to try searching fro some shoes that are made in the appropriate line.

You can find really nice high heeled shoes at the vintage fairs that organize different occasions, it’s important that almost all the shoes are found in unique fairs, so there are few the chances for you to encounter something like what you’re wearing.

So, from the first instant you’re going to change. You can discover an original pair at these vintage fairs or at the specialized shops with vintage products, in a good state, at a very accessible price, in different colors or tones of cream, ivory or even white.

You don’t have to wear a pair of light tones high heels; you can opt for a pair of colored high heels as well. In this case, you’re going to think at an accessory that is suitable perfectly for your outfit. A tiara with the same tone as the tone of the shoes is a very appropriate choice.

A thicker heel is a very good choice for a bride; think just of the fact that you have to stay so many hours on them and you have to run and dance and be present there. It’s important to have a pair of high heel shoes that are as comfortable as possible. In addition, this type of high heels is much more resistant and you don’t risk getting tem ripped from the first dance.

Be careful because at the vintage fairs you’re going to be able to find some very good leather shoes. But you can buy a pair from a normal store which has a retro side, but with very high quality level.

If you really want to be elegant you can opt for a taller heel, even in the case in which you’re not into very high heels. You’re going to be really elegant and chic resembling actresses from the 70s.