Designer shoes

We’ve offered some other examples of designer shoes for the wedding day and we hope that they seemed useful in a way or another. That’s what we hope this time as well: to present to you the most interesting stuff in order for you to make a general idea and see what can you apply for.

So, we start with the first example of designer shoes, which consists of a pair of high heeled sandals that are made of fuzzy leather. In the front side these have peep toe and you can observe in the back side of the ankle the closure.

designer shoes

Let’s also mention that on the exterior side you can observe some beaded details applied, in a very fine manner and these go so great together that you just can’t imagine! We’re sure that these seem interesting enough and that you’re going to apply for one of these for your wedding day and you know very well the deal: you can wear these in any other special occasion as well.
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So, this par and all the others can get pretty expensive, but we’re sure that it’s worth buying them. Also, another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that they make you feel special and that they’re worth buying, after all these pairs are a part of the Brian Atwood collection.

The next pair of designer shoes that we want to mention about can be kind of uncomfortable, but we’re sure that they’re going to make your legs look gorgeous! We’re speaking about a pair of high heeled shoes with peep toe that are designed in gold material.

designer shoes 2

The heel is kind of uncomfortable because it’s kind of thin, but this won’t seem an impediment to wear these shoes. Also in the exterior sides of the feet you can observe a transparent layer that will uncover your feet in a pleasant mode. We’re sure that the visual effect is definitely stunning and that you’re going to look gorgeous with these on.

Here’s the last pair of designer shoes that we thought it would be interesting to suggest: we’re speaking about a pair of high heeled shoes that will cover your feet in a proportion of half percent, also there’s the front side that has peep toe and the fabric in which this pair is realized is made of semi transparent fabric.

designer shoes 3

There are a lot of golden beaded details on the front side of this pair of shoes and the high heel is thin in the back side. Also, there’s the ankle detail closure that is made of elastic leather and you’re definitely going to feel comfortable wearing this pair of high heels. How about that?

Also, you’re going to receive some other examples in the future time, examples of high heeled shoes, designer shoes….