Avoiding and treating stretch marks

While taking a walk in the park, in the middle of a warm day, you may stand on a bench and admire the wonderful nature, just how it is, virginal and not affected by the human`s hands (just the park areas, in our days). And while you`re in this contemplative state a beautiful woman just walks in front of your eyes…. She is dressed with little clothes and very thin ones, as material and size, maybe because she`s jogging…. she`s very close to you, and you see some large stretch marks! The horror! Why isn`t she hiding them? That`s because she doesn`t feel ashamed of them? It`s a natural thing to have those marks, but you may also prevent them if you really want to….

Most of the women have a complex regarding stretch marks and feel ashamed of showing them, it is indeed an unpleasant image, but that`s the situation! You know, men have them too!

Here are some suggestions if you want to prevent them or get rid of some of those you already have: do sports as often as you can, these marks form when the skin isn`t elastic enough to suffer the changes from your body (weight loss, growth and so on…) and in time they are red or purple, and in time they tend to have a white nuance. While most of the stretch marks are an effect of weight increase, do exercise as much as you can, in this way you`ll prevent them and also be thin!

Use Retin-A, it helps make your skin softer and diminish the stretch marks by covering them, this product helps the skin collagen to regenerate and to form again!

Be careful with magic lotions! Cocoa butter and other moistures that have as a base tropical plants make the skin look softer and finer, but don`t make you loose your marks! So don`t give your money on those moistures….

If you have money to buy lotions, then invest them in laser treatment. This method helps the skin regenerate, and give the marks a skin nuance. The technology helps women in this case, it`s a new method that may give some easy pains, but there`s no problem if you apply for it…. the success is guaranteed!

Be also careful with medicinal moistures. Some lotions that are used for treating fungus or other skin diseases have steroids as basic substance; steroids make the skin thinner and so, the stretch marks can be made very easily!

Another method of treatment is that with ultra sounds, it is an effective one and surely you`ll get rid of marks….

So, as you can see there are some things that come to help you in your “pain”. And remember, you`re not the only person on this planet that has stretch marks….