Bride with healthy skin

Winter is a really cold season, at least in some parts of the globe…. This is why you have to take into account some protection measures for your complexion.

Especially if your wedding is going to be organized during the winter season then it’s necessary to pay attention, because you don’t want to look as if your face is really dry. So, if you take your wedding during the winter season and not only this, you have to make sure that you’re a good looking bride with a healthy complexion.

First of all make sure that you’re well dressed with comfortable and cozy clothes in which you feel great and they’re really comfortable in the same time.

For the area of the head use a really elegant wool scarf and really warm in the same time, maybe a cap or a small cap to protect you and advantage you – these are the accessories that are recommended for the winter season.

Second of all you shouldn’t forget that you should hydrate yourself very well. Never go to bed without applying a night cream.

The sensitive is vulnerable to solar deterioration, but also the rough wind, so protect it through using daily cream with UV protection or with titanium oxide.
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Avoid lotions or gels with alcohol that can cause rashes on such a type of skin. A skin of which cells don’t fault water act like a carried against the bacterial infections, viruses and fungus, hydrating being controlled especially with fats and oily substance produced by the epidermis and in this way water evaporation is blocked.

It’s important to get your skin hydrated during the night in order to feel great the next day.

In order that your skin doesn’t have to suffer before half an hour of going out of the house apply a cream with a high factor of protection due to the fact that the sunrays are stronger than during the summer, due to the snow.

In order to maintain your skin pretty it’s great to use in the cold season a supplementary treatment for the complexion, like a mask for intensive hydration.

There are a series of creams that you can apply alone in your household. You can try a combination with yolk honey, cream, kiwi, bananas and you’re going to be able to obtain a hydrating and nutritive mask, which is going to help you have a luminous complexion.

Before applying the basis, the face has to be cleared, you have to spread toning solution and ulterior a hydrating cream.

The hands are another aspect that you have to get preoccupied of before the wedding. In what concerns the hands, the doctors recommend avoiding polyester gloves because they’re going to get wet pretty quick and opt for an impermeable material.