Saying goodbye to acne and pimples

We’ve all had the problem. Acne. It’s there. Hiding under our make up day after day! There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being self-conscious. Waking up on an important day to acne or a pimple can be really stressful…. Makeup can help cover up the problem but in other cases it can accentuate it as well.
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We think the most important thing for everyone to remember is to wash your face properly everyday. Many people do not wash their face before going to bed leaving traces of makeup. It is essential to clean the face and neck with a cleanser adapted to your needs and skin type. What suggest an inexpensive deep pore cleanser every once and awhile using a chamomile tea bag and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Put both in boiling water, wrap a towel around your head and let the steam penetrate your skin for at least 10 minutes. Many blocked impurities will release and the aroma itself -heavenly.

Acne prone skin should avoid liquid makeup and stick to powder. Powders also have the added bonus of helping absorb excess oil. Many liquid makeups contain oil which is not for everyone… The only solution if you see that your makeup is creating a reaction, allergy or your acne is worse, is to try something else.

Proper hygiene with your makeup applicators and makeup brushes is also a must. Bacteria on your skin can come from there and create acne. Get in the habit of washing your brushes and applicators with baby shampoo, makeup brush cleaner or even an antimicrobial soap regularly. Another option is disposable applicators which are easy to find.

We’ve mentioned about acne and pimples some time ago and we would like to highlight this topic, because it’s really important and you definitely need to take it into consideration….

The complexion, your face is important when it comes to the contact that you have with the other people that you speak with. Of course, you don’t want to ruin a perfect outfit with a pimple or something like that, it’s something unpleasant and we’re certain that you’re going to be more attentive from now on!

Be sure that these pieces of advice offered here are going to be really useful in the future and that you have to apply them to your way of being and the life that you live. No more to say! We’re certain that you want to say goodbye to pimples and zits and living a healthy way of life is just the right way of doing it!