3 Steps to Creating Irresistible Content for Your Wedding Blog


You just got done publishing a piece of content for your wedding blog. What a great feeling, right? Excitedly, you check and refresh the stats on your Google Analytics account every couple minutes.

What do you find? Well, turns out lots of people are coming to your site to read the article, however, most of the traffic is leaving after just a few seconds.

What gives? Your marketing is clearly working, since people are actually coming.

As much as you probably don’t want to believe it, the most likely cause is that your content just isn’t very interesting or good. Don’t worry, because today all your problems will be solved.Below are just 3 steps that you can follow to create irresistible content for your wedding blog.

Dive Deep into Market Research

Creating irresistible content doesn’t actually start with pen and paper. Nope – it starts with knowing your audience.If you want to create the best possible content for your wedding blog, you need to know exactly what your target market wants to read.

Your first order of business should be to shift the focus of your content away from yourself, and instead on your audience’s burning pains, desires, and fears. Know your audience inside and out. Study them. Listen to them. And even talk to them. The more information you have, and the more you understand the exact language they use, the better suited you will be for creating the irresistible content.

Look to Successful Blogs for Ideas

After you know everything you can about your audience, it’s time to come up with ideas for content.

Sure, you could definitely just take the information you learned and come up with some pretty good ideas on your own…but why not combine that research with stuff that has already been proven to work? In the wedding blog niche, there are plenty of well-established blogs. Many who have already figured out the recipe for success. Your goal should be to mimic their strategy. 

Start by running a free SEO analysis on your competitors’ websites. From the results, pick out their best performing pages and content. What types of stuff are they writing about? How is the copy on those pages? What words do they use, and how is their design? These are all things you should be considering. Then you need to write down the content ideas that you know will crush it.

Write Killer Headlines and Focus on a Great Hook

By this point, you should know exactly what content your audience will find irresistible. The only thing left to do is to create it. You certainly want to have good writing throughout your material, but it’s especially important in two specific places.

First off, nothing inside your content matters if you never get them to click on it. That’s why brainstorming a catchy title is essential. Aim to create titles that are specific, sexy, and not too lengthy.

And second, focus on creating a compelling hook for your readers. Your hook is the first few paragraphs of your content that basically indicates whether or not someone will continue reading the rest. A great hook grabs interest, connects with the reader, and builds desire to continue down the page.

In Summary

Consistently creating great content for any blog can be a challenge – certainly for wedding blogs. The tips above will help ensure you always have the upper hand on your competition by putting out as much irresistible content as possible.