Desserts can be the most fun and looked forward to part of an entire meal. And that goes double for your wedding day. So why not throw a bit of the season into those bites. Add an extra punch of detail to the dessert table with these 10 fall wedding sweets.

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Give your guests something different to bite into with one (or more) of these petite desserts. Mix and match your favorite flavors, create a theme, serve them with signature cocktails; the possibilities are endless! Let’s dive into some ideas!   via Pinterest

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Extravagant, full of life or just plain interesting, these wedding cakes have so much creativity involved they’re a piece of art all on their own! Smooth, ruffles, sparkle, rossettes; there are so many possibilities when creating something so unique and personalized. Smooth tiers, rose embellishments and a chevron addition, this cake has quite the mixture …

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  Maybe cake isn’t your thing. That’s okay; it’s not a requirement. Your wedding should be true to who you are as a couple — if you’re not cake people, don’t serve cake. Here are some sweet alternatives to get you thinking, many of which take the same familiar tiered shape if you’re still looking for that …

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Wedding Day Desserts

Desserts can be the most fun and looked forward to part of an entire meal. From holidays to birthdays, the final dish is always the focal point of the celebration. And that goes double for your wedding day. From classic to outside-the-box, there are several ways to go when you’re planning your reception meal and …

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wedding catering

Hi Everyone, So here’s the scoop on what I have been up to since my engagement announcement and last month’s blog. Even before I was engaged I was invited to an event in the city where a venue was trying to generate publicity for itself and it was having caterers and a few other vendors …

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wedding desserts

It’s your wedding so of course you can have your cake and eat it to. But what if you don’t want wedding cake? Your choices for desserts for weddings are endless so you can have some fun. Desserts are really a dime a dozen these days. Choosing an alternatives to wedding cake should be a piece of …

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