Gorgeous Wedding Cakes With Multi-Textured Layers

Extravagant, full of life or just plain interesting, these wedding cakes have so much creativity involved they’re a piece of art all on their own! Smooth, ruffles, sparkle, rossettes; there are so many possibilities when creating something so unique and personalized.

modern-wedding-cakes-dark-colors-coco-paloma-dessertsSmooth tiers, rose embellishments and a chevron addition, this cake has quite the mixture of styles.

modern-wedding-cakes-dark-colors-ak-cake-designThere’s no better texture to have than one of flowers, and we’re in love with this rich, deep blue tone.

Metallic-Wedding-Cakes-Rachel-Peters-PhotographyA rigid, glittering topping cascades into smooth buttercream in this bright and fairy-tale like design.

most-beautiful-cakes-yummy-cupcakes-and-cakesThis cake looks as if it’s wearing its own wedding dress, maybe it’s even reminiscent of the bride’s look!

JennaRaeCakesSmooth fondant, stripes, ruffles and glitter layers too, this piece couldn’t get any more beautiful.

winter-wedding-cakes-ak-cake-design-02Quite similar to its blue predecessor, this white cake is a stunner with its floral layer and smooth contrast.

winter-wedding-cakes-maggie-austin-cake-01This design is full of gray, ombre ruffles and edible pearl embellishments. What a stunner!

most-beautiful-cakes-miso-bakesCharming and quaint, this design looks as it’s perfect for a modern, cottage-esque celebration.

most-beautiful-cakes-nadia-and-coThere is so much going on within this blush design, it’s hard to look away. This is truly a work of “edible” art.

Spring-Wedding-Cakes-Jen-HuangVarying modern layers, we’re in love with this modern, textural beauty.

photos via Brides