Wedding Day Desserts

7 Scrumptious & Fun Dessert Ideas for your Big Day!

Desserts can be the most fun and looked forward to part of an entire meal. From holidays to birthdays, the final dish is always the focal point of the celebration. And that goes double for your wedding day. From classic to outside-the-box, there are several ways to go when you’re planning your reception meal and wanting to wow (and please) your guests. Here are 7 scrumptious and fun dessert ideas for your big day, grab some inspiration and start planning the sweetest addition to your celebration!


A Classic Cake

Sometimes the best choice is the classic choice and that could be with a beautiful wedding cake filled with delicious flavors such as vanilla and buttercream. A gorgeous cake design can set the scene, match the wedding gown and create a focal point at the reception that every guests will gush over and eventually enjoy after dinner is served.

Wedding Day Dessert Ideas

Ice Cream Options

For spring and summertime, an ice cream bar may come to call. Miniature cones, your favorite flavors and some colorful sprinkles. It really is the perfect treat for an outdoor wedding and even the kiddos can get in on the action and enjoy the celebration. Besides, it can make quite the charming and adorable picture for the books!

Wedding Day Desserts

Cupcakes Everywhere

Whether it’s a tower, mini bites circulating the dance floor or those added to a dessert bar, cupcakes are just another way to say “wedding” in a more hip and create way. You can have multiple flavors and designs just by choosing to go with these small tastes and straying from the usual tiered cake.

Wedding Day Desserts

Milkshake Sips

Sometimes you don’t even have to chew your dessert but instead sips prevail. Blend up some milkshakes and pass them around the reception for a nice surprise and fun way of celebration. They’re also a great way to cap off the night. All you need is a chocolate chip cookie or other small bit to garnish the blend.

Wedding Day Desserts

Candy Galore

Have a blast picking out your favorite candies and then let your guests munch on them throughout the day. You can even put some grab bags out by the bowls of treats and allow your loved one to take different pieces home as favors and memories of your special day. Again, the kids of the party will love it and the adults won’t be able to get enough of it.

Wedding Day Desserts

Dessert Bar

My favorite option of the bunch is to go with a little bit of everything. And that means a dessert bar is on the horizon. Some cake, some mini eclairs, cupcake and even a bowl or two of candy could finish off your buffet of sweets! Your guests will love having the option of choosing from a variety of snacks!

Wedding Day Desserts

A Slice of Pie

Instead of a tiered cake, you can always go with several pies and serve the up in the same ways. Peach, cherry or chocolate, pies give off a great, homestyle feel while still being incredibly delicious and satisfying for everyone at the party. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor weddings, rustic-themes or even more country vibes.

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