8 Stunning Keepsakes Your Wedding Guests Will Adore

As popular trends change and shift, so too do the look and feel of wedding ceremonies and receptions. Thirty years ago, it was all about tradition and doing it in the same way as your parents and grandparents before you. These days, there is still room for honouring the past, but modern couples also have plenty of their own big ideas.

For instance, wedding favours are hugely popular at the moment and they come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got things like retro sweets at the cute and cuddly end and stick and poke tattoos at the extreme (yes really, some hip couples are giving their guests the chance to get inked after the vows!)

So, if you’re currently in the midst of wedding planning and need some adorable ideas for keepsakes and favours, read this guide to some of the best.

  1. Instant Photographs

There’s a good chance that pretty much every guest will snap their own pics at some point. However, one way to make memories and get everybody involved in the fun is to hire a photo booth for your party. These super cool machines create instant retro memories that guests can treasure forever.

  1. Ornate Bookmarks

For wedding parties full of word lovers, there’s nothing better than beautiful paper or card bookmarks. They are cheap to make, which means that they are cheap to buy and you can get them printed in bulk, with your names and the date printed on one side. To make things extra fancy, you can add some lace or metallic paper.

  1. Personalised Votive Holders

It is really simple to print directly onto glass. You can even do it yourself if you’re keen to save money. Buy a bulk amount of dainty glass votive holders and add a sweet message to the front. Then, place a candle inside and leave them on the reception tables.

  1. Cute Wineglass Charms

With a little bit of ribbon and some wooden letters, you can create gorgeous charms for the bottom of wine glasses. Leave them waiting for your guests at the reception, so that they get a nice surprise when they find a glass with their own initials.

  1. Personalised (Temporary) Tattoos

Your guests might not be brave enough to get inked for real, but temporary tattoos are a lot of fun as well. Especially if you can find a supplier that creates personalised tatts (they do exist). Can you imagine anything better than a room full of tipsy guests, all with transfers of your grinning faces on their arms and foreheads?

  1. Miniature Cake Stands

Or, you could source some miniature cake stands and have the covers printed with your initials. This is a great idea if you are planning to serve lots of little cupcakes, chocolates, and sweets at the reception. Your guests can use their cute little stands to keep their treats safe from prying eyes and hands.

  1. Tiny Little Hot Sauce Bottles

If you can count a lot of culinary daredevils among your guests, think outside of the box and leave tiny little bottles of hot sauce on their dinner tables. Attach personalised tags with the names of each guest to the neck to create a cute, but completely unique, wedding keepsake.

  1. Wedding ‘Festival’ Wristbands

This is one keepsake idea that everybody is bound to love. You can actually have fabric wristbands – like the ones worn at music festivals – printed in a design of your choice. As anybody who has ever been to a mainstream festival will know, the bands are often kept as a memento for many months. Wouldn’t it be cool if your guests did the same after the wedding?

Why You Should Keep Your Keepsakes Simple

The temptation can be to go overboard with wedding favours, because all brides want to be sure that their wedding will be remembered. Yet, even though most guests will hold onto their keepsakes tightly, a long evening of drinking and dancing will inevitable mean that some get lost or left behind. This is why it is best not to spend too much on your favours. Instead, be creative and try to conjure up magic from everyday items.