Have a City Hall wedding ceremony

You think that everything is too overdone and that it will be very hard to have a unique and one of a kind wedding ceremony? Well, we believe that you should have a City Hall wedding ceremony. Do you find it odd? Well, you won’t after you will find out our opinion about such weddings.

First of all, we love them because they are very easy to “perform”. All you have to do is going to the City Hall, with a witness, usually your best friend or someone from the family, there you will get you marriage licence and you will instantly become Mr and Mrs. Easy, isn’t it? Of course that if you want you may be accompanied by many friends, but it is mandatory that at least one person will accompany you.

Second of all, the best thing about these weddings is that you may wear whatever you please: something comfortable, a casual dress or a very elegant dress.

You will just have to expose your true personality and you will really exhibit the best bridal look ever. As for the hair and makeup, you will just have to match it with your clothes. Thus, everything seems much easier and stress free.

And plus, they say that being in those waiting rooms is quite a nice experience, because one could feel the pressure, the nerves and the excitement. Well, don’t you believe that it will be quite fantastic to feel all these wonderful and great feelings at your wedding? No one says that if you will have your wedding officiated at your house you won’t feel this pressure, but when seeing that there are many people who are just in your shoes, you suddenly feel relieved to share this big responsibility with someone else.

And the most wonderful things of all is that you won’t have to spend lots of money on a fancy restaurant. Given the fact that you will have a small wedding, you will invite only your closest friends and as a result you may go to a club if you fell like dancing and the day after your wedding you may have a brunch held at your new house or at the groom’s or bride’s parents house. It doesn’t matter what alternative you will choose, you will just have a great wedding and a unique party.

So, you should go for a City Hall wedding, because even if it won’t be the most spectacular wedding of all, you will at least share your beautiful and real feelings with your best friends.