How to address Save the Date Envelopes

I have been searching for some information on how to address certain envelopes for my Save the Date cards with only an outer envelope. Could you please provide me with examples on how the following should be addressed? I would like to do them in a contemporary way since the wedding is not very formal.

1. For a married couple, but you know the female and not her husband.

2. For family members who are married (i.e. Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe)

3. For a male family member is living with a female and her daughter (female and daughter have the same last name and child is under 18)

4. For male co-workers, but you do not know their wife, significant others name.

5. For family members and friends who have children (range in age from 1 – 8 years)

Thank you so much for you help.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear Saving the Date,

1. You could use the Mr. and Mrs. form. Ms. Sally Smith and guest is fine as well.

2. You don’t separate a man from his last name. It would be Mr. and Mrs. John Doe or Jane and John Doe.

3. The adults name would be listed alphabetically and vertically. Include a little note inviting the child. You could use ‘and family’ but you may end up with a lot more guests.

4. You are stuck with the ‘and guest’ choice here.

5. Same as #3.

Best wishes,

Nancy Tucker

I totally agree and think that you should also remember that these are “save the dates”, not actual invitations where you would have to list everyone invited.