Invitations for small dinner party after the formal wedding and reception

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I am the MOB hosting a wedding with a reception locally on June 8. I have decided to host a small dinner celebration on June 15 in MY hometown for some of my friends and family unable to attend the local wedding.
Question: Do I send the formal invitation along with an insert card announcing the dinner celebration the week later? I am assuming some of the out of town guests will be happy not to travel and would attend the dinner.
For some who will only be invited to the small dinner celebration, when should that announcement be sent? At the same time as the formal wedding or soon after?
Should any type of insert be placed in the original invitation just for out of town guests?

Deborah McCoy, President, American Academy of Wedding Professionals™


First, all immediate family members must receive an invitation to the wedding, and so do your close friends and extended family members (if you’re close to them).

Second, with the invitation, you may include a small card, with an invitation to a dinner in honor of the newly married couple, i.e.:

The pleasure of your company is requested
at a dinner reception
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James Scott Wilson
Saturday, the fifteenth of June

5 Milford Way
Townsend, Ohio 54310

*The R.s.v.p. will be sent to the hosts of the wedding invitation, which is why the names are omitted.

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